Some of the recent Conferences and Events where he has been Interpreting

Listing of main Conferences and Events.

  UNESCO ICPRCP Meeting Seoul   Nov 2008   Seoul Dialogue on Human Rights Seoul Nov 2008
  UNWTO 6th Forum for Parliamentarians and Local Authorities Cebu, Philippines   Oct 2008   FAO International Poplars Commission Beiijing Oct 2008
  OECD Education Policy Co Seoul   Sep 2008   United Nations ESCAP Bangkok Sep 2008
  FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius WG Pesticide Residues Hangzhou   Apr 2008   Beijing Olympics and Paralympics Beiijing Aug-Sep 2008
  Chefs de Mission, Beiijing Olympic Organizing Committee Beiijing   Aug 2007   Rotary International Convention Salt Lake City Jun 2007
  Beyster Institute Entrepreneurship San Diego   Mar 2007   Autodesk Las Vegas Jun 2006
  NATO Parliamentry Assembly Defense Committee San Diego   Jan 2006   Rotary International Convention Chicago Jun 2005
  NATO Parliamentry Assembly Defense Committee San Diego   Jan 2006   Rotary International Convention Chicago Jun 2005
  ATP (Tennis) Players Meeting California   Mar 2005   Golden Globes Red Carpet Los Angeles Jan 2005
  Service Employees International Union San Francisco   Jun 2004   Ronald McDonald Conference Los Angeles Jun 2004
  Herbalife President’s Summit Maui   Mar 2004   OSCARS 2004 Simulcast Canal Plus Los Angeles Feb 2004
  Chiefs of Defense Meeting  Honolulu   Nov 2003   Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD III)   Tokyo Sep 2003
  World International Property Organization  San Francisco   Jul 2003    World Bank Judges Forum on Insolvency  Los Angeles May 2003
  Quest Software  Las Vegas   Jan 2003   NATO Parliamentary Assembly delegation  Las Vegas Jan 2003
  Redken International Sales meeting Las Vegas   Jan 2003   World Heritage Parks   Los Angeles Jan 2003
  Chiefs of Defense Meeting  Singapore   Nov 2002     Seoul Jun 2002
  METROPOLIS Conference  Seoul   May 2002   FAO Asia/Pacific Ministerial Conference  Katmandu May 2002
  WHO International Conference of Drug Regulatory Agencies  Hong kong   May 2002   Ministerial Conference on Africa  Tokyo Mar 2002
  World Dental Federation Kuala Lumpur   Sep 2001   Saint Gobain Asia Sales Meeting Tokyo Apr 2001
  International Table Tennis Federation Osaka   Apr 2001   World Congress of Metropolitan Railways Hong kong Mar 2001
  FATF Forum of Task Force on Terrorism Financing  Hong Kong   Jan 2001   Carrefour Master Program  Shanghai Dec 2000
  Herbalife Masters Meeting  Cancun   Oct 2000   GAP Sales Meeting Las Vegas Oct 2000
  Boeing International Media Conference Seattle   Jul 2000   Million Dollar Round Table San Francisco Jun 2000
  France Telecom/French Parliament San Francisco   Apr 2000   OECD Conf on Electronic Authentication Stanford Jun 1999
  Lincoln-Mercury LS 2000 Launch  San Francisco   Apr 1999   US/Tunisia Joint Talks Tunis Oct 1998
  World Motorcycling Federation Congress Bangkok   Oct 1996   Association of Operating Room Nurses Hamburg Aug 1995
  International Artists Rights Symposium Los Angeles   Apr 1994   International Association of Lighthouse Authorities Honolulu Feb 1994
  Microsoft Developers Satellite Broadcast Seattle   93 & 94   International Office of Vine and Wine San Francisco Aug 1993
  Ex-Presidents meeting Vail   Jun 1993   International Federation of University Women Stanford Aug 1992
  Boeing AWACS FR/UK Program Review London/Seattle   ’89,’90,’91   VIth International Conference on AIDS San Francisco Jun 1990
  UCLA-Centre Beaubourg Teleconference
on the French Revolution Bicentennial
Los Angeles   May 1989   16th International Congress on Large Dams San Francisco Jun 1988
  26th IUAT World Conference on
Singapore   Nov 1986   International Olympic Committee Executive Commission Los Angeles Dec 82 & 83
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