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Conference Translation:

I offer my own interpreting services into both French and English in the following modes:

  • consecutive interpreting: for small meetings, the interpreter taking notes and translating into another
    language after a delegate pauses. This mode is often used in the legal field, or in very small settings.
  • simultaneous interpreting: interpreters sit in a booth and listen to the language spoken in the conference
    room through earphones. They translate in real time into other languages through a microphone. People in
    the conference room listen to the translation in the language of their choice through portable headphones.
    A sound engineer will install the booths and make the right connections. Occasionally, in small group settings
    or when delegations travel from one site to another and a full equipment setup is not feasible, simultaneous
    interpreting services can be provided through small wireless mobile equipment.
  • whispered interpretation: for a maximum number of two people, an interpreter whispers simultaneous
    translation sitting between or behind the delegates.

Conference Interpretation Consultant:

I can provide meeting planners and organizers a full range of interpreting services for most languages
tapping into a broad database of experienced colleagues and equipment providers for meetings around the world.

Consulting interpreting services for long term projects:

I can meet with you and help you plan out your interpreting and translation needs relating to large projects
where numerous meetings are anticipated in various locations and over time, helping you maintain coherent
multilingual communication throughout the project life.

Tele-conferences, video-conferences and interpreting services for live television broadcasts:

I have over 100 days of experience working for live television broadcasts and tele-conferences. I can select
colleagues whose skills, experience, and voice are especialy suited for tele-conference work.

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